Melodifestivalen 2014 Host(s) : Who is it gonna be ?

Melodifestivalen 2014 Host(s) : Who is it gonna be ?

Is he/she gonna be alone? Is it gonna be a couple or a threesome?

Tomorrow morning, SVT (Sveriges Television) is going to announce the name(s) of the lucky person(s) who will be in charge of one of the most exciting musical shows in Europe, the Melodifestivalen.

For the ones who happen to come across this title for the first time, well Melodifestiavalen is like the biggest TV-show on Swedish Television, uniting music, acting, comedy and even generosity towards people in need with the difficult goal / task to select the next voice of Sweden for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, in 2014 held in the neighbour country’s capital, Copenhagen.

Presenting it represents thus quite a hell of a task that has been more or less remarkably filled by the different actors, comedians, presenters, singers that have succeeded each other along the years. I already have praised, on this very blog, the brilliance of the ones who held the position this year (Danny Saucedo and Dina Girawi) here and I hope that I will feel the need to do it again this winter.

So personally, I would be delighted to know that they’ve been chosen to do it again, but this is very unlikely and now speculations for speculations I would like to propose a short-list of the people I would like to see playing this part next February and March (in no specific order) :

-Petra Mede

-Pernilla Wahlgren (I follow her on Twitter and Instagram, she seems to be really fun in “real life”)


-Agnes Carlsson

-Sarah Dawn Finer back

I think the couple Darin – Agnes would be amazing. And I guess that’s all for a shortlist because it would be pointless to put many names.

Now if we focus on what the betting odds say, because indeed, they are bets about this too…; well I’m not a huge fan of the people coming at the top places…

-Björn Gustafsson

-Molly Sandén

-Eric Saade

-Malin Åkerman

-Amy Diamond

-Robin Paulsson

In these 6 names; I don’t think Björn would be too bad of a choice, he’s been on the program before as a “sidekick” and quite popular, so he could a nice job. Now, as little as I know about him, I feel like doing it on his own would be a little bit too big of a job. I will be very disappointed by the choice of either Molly Sandén or Amy Diamond, I just don’t want to see them hosting the show at all, they already barely are bearable as contestants so I can’t even imagine having to “follow” them the whole 6 weeks. I guess Eric Saade would be a very nice presenter, who however couldn’t do it all on his own, just like Björn. To be frank, if it really had to be one or a couple of these six names, I’d rather have it be Malin or/and Robin, simply and maybe idiotically because I don’t know anything about them apart that she is a famous actress and he is a comedian and that discovering them through the show could be a pleasant surprise.

End of the suspense, tomorrow at 11.

UPD 13/11/2013, 10:32 = Loreen has cancelled all her European tour dates from December to April. Is it gonna be her ?


One thought on “Melodifestivalen 2014 Host(s) : Who is it gonna be ?

  1. I take Molly Sandén or Amy Diamond over Eric Saade or Darin.

    Molly have hosted “Lilla Melodifestivalen”.
    Amy hosts “Bulldogg” and done some arena hosting.

    What hosting has Eric and Darin done? (OK, Eric did show up at ESC)

    Petra Mede / Sara Dawn Finer / Gina Dirawi has been working with Edward af Sillén, but he won’t do the writing this year, and I do not think they will take the chance without him.

    Pernilla would be OK too. Björn had a too big success last time I would be surprised if he went for it a second time. Malin Åkerman would be too expensive (especially if the proven writer takes a year off – pay a lot for host with a unproven writer?)

    There are several possible combinations as well…

    Malin Olsson?

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