Maja Keuc : Indigo (2011)

Among the foreign music that I often listen to, there also are Slovenian artists who generally produce Mediterranean / Balkan tainted like sounds. The identity is clearly se but the problem is that there is a uniformity that sometimes prevents from making distinctions between different artists in this genre. Maja Keuc is quite an exception to that and thus really worth giving a listen.

Firstable, we can find it curious that “Indigo” was chosen as the title’s album, because if we associate it to an atmosphere (here closer to blue; sadness, loneliness) well the good and cheering up mood that comes out of most of the album doesn’t quite correspond to this choice.

Indeed, right from the start, we’re taken into something very energetic, so much we almost feel like “pushed” into something musically loud, but positively loud with Zmorem.

Then, we get Free Love, a very nice piece of musical creation which influences are obvious.

Among the many qualities that we can find in this album, and from Maja herself, we will particularly spot the easiness with which we are made greatly receptive of the Slovenian language through the songs, helping in every single case to depict a really pleasant universe. We feel like we’re listening to a girl / a world filled with hope and happiness. Most of the songs are so catchy you want to dance to them, a meticulously produced “cocktail” providing us with genuine creation and talent.

Even when the pace breaks and goes much slower and that we fall into sweet sounds like You’re a tree and I’m a balloon, there is a remarkable musical arrangement, a very pleasant “aesthetics of sounds”, that we wouldn’t really expect from another artist from the country.

Maja has got an amazing capacity to adapt to different kinds of music and this album is a great display of it, the variety of kinds appearing as much more delightful than disturbing.

Indigo is a great 1st album for a young woman who really seems to have everything of a complete artist, a vision, a talent and strength and at the same time balance that really make this album an amazing one, the freshness of today’s European youth in music, represented here at best.



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