Anna Rossinelli : Bon voyage (2011)

Switzerland is famous to be this one « hybrid country » in the world made of « communities » so different especially in cultural terms, that it still remains a miracle how a place like this could have been formed.

Anna Rossinelli, 26, comes from this country and curiously enough we can easily do a connection between Bon voyages, released two years ago, with her home country, although miracle is not quite the phrase that pops up when you’ve listened to it.

Bon voyages feature 13 songs/stops that I didn’t go through without turbulences.

This first track of this album, called “Holiday” happens to be, like it doesn’t so often happen, quite a representative track for the whole album, like its id, the colours are set right from the start, like a teaser of what to expect, although you don’t especially know it at first, in this case, unfortunately.

The next track “Accident waiting to happen” manages to draw your attention more, and thus appear as something more welcome than the opening.

However, as we go ahead, through this “voyage” we can feel a terrible lack of originality that most tracks are characterised by.

The atmosphere of the album may on the whole be a cool, laid-back one, the bobo – girl from the street mark is far from being of the greatest appeal nor interest in music and for the results we have here, truly feels like it’d rather remain in the streets where it belongs.

So apart from tracks like the nice “The reason I stay” , there also are interesting attempts to depart from the bobo genre, giving “Amazing” another pleasant one not to miss or even “You are”, as the last one of the little group of songs representing the best arguments of this album.

Anna’s voice, which oddly sounds quite unique and so anonymous at the same time, and despite the quality of the songs fits very well with them all, no matter the specific directions some tracks, like the ones mentioned above can take.

We wish they weren’t so few, cause most of them not only sound like already heard pieces but are just predictable ; filled with some fresh and innovative “nananas” or “dadadas” and lyrics in “Joker” that we will especially mention for their remarkable lucidity : “seen it before”, “nothing new”.

Finally, this album doesn’t really appear to have been conceived with much pretention, and we can’t help but feel thankful for that because apart from a small minority of tracks, it just couldn’t be any better if it actually pretended to get somewhere, anyway.


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