Anni-Frid Lyngstad : Tre kvart från nu (1993)

Before she became a member of the worldwide famous ABBA, Anni-Frid Lyngstad had already started a career since her teenage years.

Published only in 1993, it’s mainly the first songs she recorded (in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s) that are gathered in Tre kvart från nu, proposing thus a non unpleasant  journey back to the roots of one hugely talented singer who got in this time lapse, greatly deserved success.

The freshness and youth and yet innocence really ensue pleasantly in this album composed of a nice selection alternating both sweet tracks and catchy, contagious songs.

Right from the start with we can feel touched by the warm embrace coming from the beautiful sounds of the music, which is really good and creative throughout the album.

The feeling more or less remains as the album moves on and this chilled atmosphere is put into musical pieces so nicely we actually feel a certain power coming out of it, in this efficiently sweet and amazingly good original songs.

En ledig dag really stands out as a great summer chilled atmosphere song with its contemporal mark that makes it a very powerful piece.

The amazingly sweetness of this album is greatly concentrated in Peter kom tillbaka that will leave you breathless by its outstanding quality, its cuteness and perfect union of all the best elements in this album.

The variety of styles gets bigger as we hear a new song to offer us even jazzy like pieces, very creative ones that will fill you mind with pictures, inspiring you.

The energy and the catchy tunes are more present in the second half of Tre kvart från nu, and will make you want to move even lightly, as the “quiet force” this album really stands out as.

Authenticity, love and above all talent, there is all the best you can find in this album through songs meticulously written and composed and the depth of the sweet feelings you get out of them really makes it a pearl of Swedish music.



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