Teaching them how to write articles now…

Two brilliant websites that I usually highly praise on this blog have lately published such amazing articles that I couldn’t help but think they really needed to be pointed out and referred to, for their impressive accuracy.

Firstable, Esctoday, that has become the brilliant and number 1 Eurovision website it just couldn’t dream to be a few years ago has enlightened our spirits lately with an article about the succes of a few French Eurovision (Amaury Vassili (2011), Anggun (2012) and Amandine Bourgeois (2013)) stars meeting quite a measurable success, through the album album Génération Goldman Volume 2. Well, good for them !  But for an Eurovision inclided website and how remarkable the job they did to represent France was, maybe would have it been very interesting also to precise that the cover songs these three are meeting success with nowadays are from Jean-Jacques Goldman, not only as, I quote “one of France’s most popular songwriters” but also as the older brother of no other than Robert Goldman, that “real eurovision fans” will recognise as J.Kapler, don’t you think ? J.Kapler for the ones who forgot, (and apologies accepted) is the man who is behind “Je n’ai que mon âme” offering to France its best placing in a good 20 years now.

On an even higher ground now, we couldn’t have landed somewhere else than on oikotimes, the pride of eurovision fans on the internet, asking, in one of their latest articles this simple question :


Well, I personally am not sure if she’s going to enter ESC 2014 yet, because nothing’s confirmed about that (like about 90% of the stuff announced there anyway), but if there is one thing I am sure about is that no one will ever enter the ESC 2014 again. Indeed, as expansive as its organisation is, I highly doubt the ESC will occur twice a year, some year soon…

Now, I guess you can get why I didn’t even bother hyper-linking their high quality journalism article.


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