Escyesterday and Cie…

All true Eurovision fans know what Esctoday is or was.

There used to be a time in which these fans connected about everyday on this website to get the hottest news stories around their beloved musical event for several reasons, and really good ones:

–          This website used to give complete information about all songs, artists, countries, and was THE FIRST TO DO SO.

–          There were relevant and deep analyses about the contest, its facts, and its figures.

–           The display / design was colourful, pleasant, welcoming, sometimes even better than the Eurovision official website itself; its cute little font and flags that became the websites’ landmark really were unique and couldn’t be seen anywhere else.

As a results of all this, Esctoday used to get thousands of daily visits with an as high a number of people subscribed, having their own profiles with pictures there, and the little flags showing the countries they thought sent the best entries in the contest in general. Most articles used to get dozens of comments making ideas and opinions highly interesting to discuss, read and even enjoy.

Nowadays, and especially since they were attacked by a “vicious hacker attack” on May 2012, it looks like everything of the list ahead has just gone, even the effort to restore it. And as the official statement goes “A decision was made to move a planned website upgrade forward”, well at the moment noting is really done to honour that decision, 15 months after, and it even looks like the website is actually downgrading:

–          The presentation / design has turned into something much less welcoming and more raw with the unpleasant association of orange and black evoking Halloween. We know that even monsters have won the contest, but the whole contest hasn’t much to do with the end of the harvest, does it ? So joke number 1.

–          The powerfully / brilliantly written article (editos) only escxtra seems to know how to write nowadays are not there to be found anymore, replaced by articles full of mistakes about countries’ past records, and curiously quickly corrected eveytime as if they are trying to see if some people still come on the site.

–          Their famous cute little flags have gone, and so have their history pages, maybe explaining the point above.

–          The real breaking news they were used to provide are replaced by announcements of announcements of countries “most likely to be there”. For example this one and that one.

–          And finally, to make this list not too long, the depth of their great statistical and facts analyses seem to have been replaced by these worth reading posts. Because obviously like they must have well learnt from social networks there’s not more clever looking than quotes.

In the end, when we look at the list of members, in the management team, which by the way is trying to recruit every 3 months or so, it isn’t much of surprise to see these name from these countries at the top :

Managing Director Michalis Vranis (Greece)
Head of Press
 Sanjay Jiandani [Sergio] (Spain)
Head of HR Stella Floras (Greece)

And we quickly know why the one who used to lead this website has become who he is now and why the ones who are leading it now, won’t get anywhere close to him.

Some people really should focus on things they can actually do in their countries for the others physically, because it really is much more needed than working on a website you have literally killed, discrediting et disgusting fans with such an unequalled incompetence (esctoday), when it’s not coupled with a overly high level of taste for scandal (oikotimes).

Indeed, like Vicky Leandros sung, these website have become only the shadows of their shadows, leaving as a winner after them like Vicky was over 40 years ago, this real fan website.


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