The Borgias

After hearing about it a while ago, and seeing that it was going to be rerun on TV a few days ago, I thought I would give a watch at the american series telling the stories of a famous family who ruled quite an important part of Europe in the 15th century ; The Borgias.

On an aesthetical point of view first, because it naturally is what strikes you first, especially here, well it is quite impressive, the sceneries, decors, costumes are really unique and the work on details is absolutely remarkable at least as the comedians’ performances.

It is obvious that a lot of money has been spent to set this all up and we hardly doubt Showtime when we know that they had to make it end because of financial issues.

Now, if we focus on the story itself – which is really important to precise – we firstable have to remember that  History is nothing but what we think it is ; that is to say a succession of stories we have learnt because of elements we have kept but that will never tell us in the most simple details what happened, leading to interpretations like The Borgias is.

The ones who give credit to this interpretation, which is something I moderately do, will probably think that being there / living at our time might represent quite an achievement / miracle as well as a chance considering – apart from the tough biological selection at birth, something people don’t value enough, especially the suicidal ones – how violent and dangerous to live these times seem to have been, and we can in a way feel thankful that  the development of knowledge has come to make a majority of  populations wiser than the restless characters depicted in these series.

Indeed,  adulterysimonytheftrapebriberyincest, and murder (especially murder by arsenic poisoning) are countless there and one of the elements that I believe made the success of the series is that fact that it very much looks like this kind of nice and adventurous dreams you like to have from time to time, in which you do a few things  you’d be disturbed of even thinking, once awaken. ]

Furthermore, knowing that these people were leading states and even the Christian religion doesn’t quite push you to believe in anything, but strengthens the idea that the World only is the way you see it. Yeah, these series are more advisable for the geeky like person who very deeply believes in proven stuff from History or Science conceiving religion more in a historical context than in a spiritual one. It won’t surprise you thus to read that I will advise you a watch myself and even maybe a thought ; depending once again on how you are inclined to just believe.


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