Trips abroad

Summer is the best time in the year to go on a trip, both in your own country or abroad. Since I need to move in September, I decided to give up my holidays this summer, because moving out unfortunately represents quite a budget to forecast.

I really love travelling and going abroad even though I actually haven’t done it much in my life.

In this article, I wanted to recall the different trips abroad I have gone on.

I believe that the first time I was abroad, unless it may have happened at a moment I was too young to remember, was in 1999. On that summer, I went on this amazing summer camp touring the biggest fun park in France and even in Belgium.

To go there, we drove through Luxembourg, this tiny country of which I keep as a tiny memory, mainly the one of tall building, quite an accurate image considering what Luxembourg is most famous for. (If you don’t know just check your receipt e-mail next time you buy a song on iTunes)

Then, we quickly arrived in Belgium, where I got most startled for the different translation we could see of everything on every sign. It’s in the Eurospace center, a really fun place to try that I have spent a few nights in this kingdom.

It would be no less than another ten years before I got to go abroad again, and this time not on holidays but actually straight to move in an university accommodation, in Surrey, United Kingdom.

I quickly found out how big the UK was when it comes to social and economic opportunities and thus stayed there about three years: first year in Guildford, Surrey, than in Birmingham where I got to work at a school and final in Huddersfield where I started to study and write on the blog you’re reading now.

The last time I left my native country was about a month ago, simply by car to see Geneva, one of the richest places I have been to, and it really is obvious. I spent a few hours there, just enough to get this nice and quite hard to explain feeling when you’re in a foreign country. Souvenir from Switzerland:


Hopefully I will get to go abroad again soon, and make these trips fully part of my professional career always in an altruistic aim, but the best trip I’ll ever make is the trip home because it will always be the best place to be.



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