Martin Stenmarck : One

I didn’t have such a great impression of Martin Stenmarck, that I firstly know as the Swedish voice at Eurovision about 10 years ago with the not very impressive “Las Vegas”.

It wasn’t thus too much difficult to do better and that’s what I got to see or actually to hear, on one hand with Jag blundar (100 år från nu) which is a very nice pop song and on the other hand with this album One, released in 2001.

Among the most positive elements of this album I can say that there generally is in most of the songs a very good, lively spirit and this even when the stories they tell are not the happier. This enthusiasm is very well transmitted and often gets you going, he really manages to get you in the mood and this is a very good characteristic.

Most of the songs are pleasant to listen, they are simple but very nice pop pieces, featuring some guitar notes which play a lot in the conveyance of this enthusiasm. Stop, the second track, really is the proof of that despite its title.

There is a very good balance between energic tracks and more quiet ones which still carry positive vibes and very well written lyrics to pay attention to like in Thief, the good kind of song carrying a simple but still cheering message.

However we can still find on a few occasions some parts or some elements that just don’t fit the overall spirit of the album, I Got To standing out in an obvious way as the least harmonious track, with a twitchy like rhythm that doesn’t it pleasant much to listen. Also, You won’t see me dancing, doesn’t really come well after the first two songs, its poor quality in comparison making us think he’d rather have it “You won’t hear me singing” on this one.

Not that is voice isn’t nice to hear, because on the contrary, he really has a strong and recognisable voice, which is a great quality, greatly enhanced in No one here like you, to which we’d reply No voice here like yours, despite its bitter final notes.

Although not being so extraordinary to consider it as the best album of the year, One is a very pleasant album to listen to, even more so when you consider it was released 12 years ago. The first time I got to hear it was on the road in a car, and I believe that I actually couldn’t get to discover it on another occasion because the spirit of this album really makes this situation the best one to do it.



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