Magnus Carlsson : Magnus Carlsson

front  cover

Considering his past in Barbados, Alcazar, and Melodifestivalen, I was quite interested in looking closer at Magnus Carlsson’s work ; and when I listened to his eponymous album from 2009, I unfortunately felt like I shouldn’t have been too curious about him.

To be honest, if I pretty much had to summarise the effect of this album, I’m afraid I’d say that it is one of these you don’t remember much of it once it’s finished.

Not to be too negative, among the twelve songs proposed, there are still a few slightly positive things to spot.

I don’t know how the listing of the tracks was decided but it appeared to me that there is quite an evolution as if they wanted it to end better than it starts. Indeed, the least unpleasant tracks generally are towards the end of the album.

The main problem with Magnus Carlsson’s eponymous album is that many of its songs sound very dated like a non expected result, from an original idea that must have appeared much more interesting; we really feel like something went wrong when it came to dose out the different sounds, influences, with the voice. Something really is unfortunate, because the enthusiasm and the energy are there.  Therefore, for most of the tacks, it’s a complete miss, sometimes even falling into ridiculous especially for Disco dare.

The onerous lack of harmony in Mellan vitt och svart, which in a way nicely is put up together and greatly reflecting the title (between black and white) is one of those songs that will make you understand that liking schlager too much is just wrong.

The slight elevation in quality pretty much starts with the 5th track ; the following one, Det största av allt (The greatest reward) is a cover of a famous French song, and quite an interesting one to listen to in swedish with a nice instrumentalization, the flute bringing a more cultural touch, in an overall more relaxed atmosphere, much less pompous and dramatic sounding than the original version.

The elevation goes on to reach its highest in Det måste va’ med dig (The best was with you), wearing its title so well that it actually appeared to me as the best song of this album, by far, its simplicity and sobriety through Magnus’ voice together with a few instruments making it much more efficient than any other song here, for a generally disappointing album.


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