Power to the follower

In over 6 months of blogging on WordPress now, I have surely broken all records by attracting no less than 20 followers, which surely is the most enviable thing you do when blogging, is it not ?

And because those people generally have great blogs of their own (without any sarcasm at all now), I thought that it would be great idea to have a look at them and tell you why you should or shouldn’t go to see them.

Get Your Daily Phil Here, apart from proposing you tips on how to make a second income from blogging (which is something I haven’t had much time to look at yet), has very nice posts that will make you travel through wonderful pictures like this one.


Glenn Folkes, apart from piloting planes which is something I highly doubt I would ever be able to do one day and drinking white and creamy looking stuff, which on the other hand is something there’s no doubt I have done many times is from this amazing place that I saw the other in a great documentary on French Television (not that it matters so much, but just to say that the BBC aren’t the only ones to produce good ones); Whistler, in British Colombia. And thanks to that, we get to see on his blog, very beautiful pictures of this area I would love to visit one day.


When I had a look at Charlotte Hoather, something curious happened ; firstable I fell on her Gravatar page and found on that picture that she looked like Krista Siegfrids, making me think that she mustn’t be into music that much, and actually she is ! And for the huge music lover that I am I find her blog to be quite a delight especially when we are generously fed with articles or references like these :




Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger appears to me as one of the most mysterious followers I have.  Although his blog has quite an uncommon presentation, the main message is very simple, and should be spread like it unfortunately isn’t done enough all around : Peace. You will also find some videos about the hypocrisy of war and a few film trailers there.


Skimky’s blog is about Cinema, and although the avatar looks like it’s emo inspired (“My avatar is a crop of Luke Chueh’s “Black In White”. See Luke’s great artwork at http://www.lukechueh.com. »), the amazing list of films they invite you to watch, isn’t that dark, with actually a very large range of kinds, a real recommendation if you love cinema and that there are a few things you need to catch up on.


scallywagstattoocompany is, as their name show it (yeah it is readable), a tattoo company, the kind that will make you want to have one even though it’s not your kind at all. They display their very beautiful work there since last Month, a place I really recommend you to have a look at, even if it’s only to look at the pictures. Some pieces look very impressive by the meticulous work on the details.



Harsh Reality is pretty much a place of nonsense, if you like the absurd kind of humour. From the Opinionated Man, like there’s no other, you will find quite a few funny posts sometimes, by someone who says that he is writing to us “from the future”, in a blog with the Halloween colours…


Jamesrevelsthecomposer is a 20 year old man from Ohio, who makes music “for the love of it” and has a very nice blog with quite a wide range of interests expressed there through videos, pictures, sometimes even drew by himself apart from musical stuff. I will strongly recommend you to watch the video he invites us to watch about the link between language and music that I find particularly interesting, for me who really is into both. You also get to listen to his own musical creations ; some really good piano pieces to listen there.


Ikeiaconia is probably the follower whom you can learn the most stuff from about how to make your blog a financially well grossing activity; therefore you can get tips about Affiliate Marketing, which isn’t something I am going to explain much here, and there’s also stuff about Freelance Graphic Design if you’re more of an artist.


Apart from that, there are a few posts, that pretty much look like Facebook post, if you pretend that you don’t like Facebook, but that you’re on WordPress for pretty much the same reasons, here are a few examples…




From James Curnow now, you will get some very nicely written pieces of reviews about cinema in general and even short-films, which is something that can be as good and efficient when you don’t have a lot of patience. From Australia, James is remarkable with reviews about an impressively wide range of films in kinds and places of production, international cinema that is to say, very often proposing deep cinematographic analysis going beyond the simple review backed up with meaningful references ; a real place where to go if you are a cinema fan.



BookHubInc is pretty much what bloggers who really are into writing and have a certain need to be in contact with ; “a rapidly growing eBook publishing and distribution company looking to form long-lasting relationships with both emerging and established authors and publishers, book reviewers, and avid readers.” as they present themselves.

You will therefore find of their blog many exerts from the e-books they have published and that they advertise with the useful links where you can buy whatever book you find the exert captivating. There are many different kind of exerts you can find on the blog, so you will inevitably fall on something you’ll like.


hollisplample is a cartoonist, and quite a special one. Even though his work, that you can find here seems quite simple, it’s actually very efficient and often characterised by a subtle humour playing with words. These vignettes seem to have this amazing feature really proving their effect; they’re addictive!


talin401 apparently is from Montreal and proposes you some interesting pieces of writing to read, expressing personal opinions mainly. These texts are very inspiring and really make you feel spiritually peaceful, especially if you decide to read it all at once. I would easily label her blog “new age writing”, for I find it has the same effect good new age music has on anyone who listens to it. And since I am a huge new age music fan who likes to read, Talin’s blog is one of my favourites.


Andrea Britton from London seems to be the person I would need to contact and meet if ever I wanted to develop the kind of career I am already working on here, but in England. I believe she is the person with the most contact details about herself among my followers so it shouldn’t even be a problem to get in touch with her. Her blog presentation looks nice; even though the main purpose of the site is advertisement, which is after all, the reason why many people are around.


roseanna19862009 tells us that she was born in 1986, if ever it wasn’t obvious enough and proposes one of the fullest blogs I have been on among the ones edited by my followers, or kind of…



The most inspiriting name for a blog probably is this one among my follower’s ; and the posts there are as inspiring as its title.

Thankfully, sometimes you get some links directing to actually interesting stuff like here.




From Everett, Washington has quite an interesting self presentation-line that goes : “I am a writer and a gamer. I am just a guy who is trying to be a cool cat in a dog-eat-dog world.”

I thus expected to land on a geeky blog and I wasn’t wrong when I actually got there to have a look, you will find a lot about Japanese mangas among other stuff like pictures of cats or simple “messages” like this one.

The simple presentation of the site appears as something really good, as oppostition to the wide variety of stuff you can find there. A blog that I would advise to have a look at because there’s so much you will inevitably find something you’ll like.



When it comes to music I am genuinely glad to see that I really have followers who have very nicely written and presented blog about it. Musikzine is not exception to that and those reviews are almost enviable for someone like me who proposes a lot of album reviews in my blog. I highly recommend to go on it and have a read because the variety of styles of music proposed really is striking in this blog which curiously was pretty much launched at around the same period as the one you’re on at the moment was. And where it is better than this one is that it also proposes interviews of bands, artist, so a real place where to go for music lovers to discover great stuff. 🙂


GlennVU is from Norway, and his blog, for once, is about music. A real delight of a blog Read and Hear is if you love music. You will find countless reviews and very nice articles like this, on this blog which is remarkably well presented ; the choice of the non negligible number of pictures there seems to be careful because it actually all looks quite aesthetically pleasing, giving it a certain atmosphere, which really makes us feel music as an art.


And I will finish this post with mynameisbuket‘s blog which I believe to be worth a thousant blogs on WordPress…


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