Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Looking back…

I have made an impressive lot of awful predictions that I seriously wanted to discuss here, as a matter of honnesty and complete lucidity unlike many Eurovision fans sites telling you “we were right as always, it’s the same thing all over again”.

So to start with the countries competing in the semi finals of the contest this year ; I have made 19 good predictions out of the 33 countries which has to start and sometimes finish the competition there.

Among the semi final countries I really didn’t foresee things well AT ALL, there are :

Croatia (which I was deeply convinced would do well, probably because I like it too much and that it really deserved to do well)

Lithuania (which is a song that shouldn’t have been in the final at all especially because it is a reason why the voting went messy at the end =>already too many countries in the final to welcome such low quality music there)

Belarus (that I didn’t really expect to pass with the president’s comments which are nauseating)

Latvia (deserved a final more than many who did pass)

San Marino (that nobody expected not to pass)


From the first round of predictions, I will however do a special mention for the one I did about Hungary which went like this : “Prediction : This will qualify to finish in the final at a slightly higher position than the country finished at in the past couple of years.” One of the best prediction I have made for the 33 countries in the semi finals, despite de word “slightly”.

About the final now :

Even though I have made two rounds of predictions for the countries already qualified in the final, I won’t come back to each one of them because of the absence of significant differences.

There are 15 countries I have foreseen the results pretty well for, in the final the most relevant ones probably being :

Estonia (“Estonia won’t end as high as it did last year. I see it ending around the 20th position, between 18th and 22nd, maybe.”)

Belarus (“No amazing result for Belarus either, it’s actually all but amazing that they are in the final, and there, I don’t see this country finishing higher than the 15th position. So it will be around 16th to 20th.”)

Russia (“Finally one song that I would bet a lot on a Top 10 finish for. I see her ending way past the 150 points and no lower than a 7th place at worst. It will be between 3rd and 7th place.”)

The Netherlands (“I see the Netherlands ending quite high. Between the 7th and the 13th something in the bottom half of the scoreboard’s left side. I will risk something like 90 to 110 points as score.”)

Romania (“I expect Romania to finish more or less like Romania around the middle of the scoreboard between the 12th and the 17th positions.”)

Norway (“I would be glad to see Norway winning because its modernity would make it an even more righteous winner following Loreen and a real trend leading to deeper musical researches than the results we generally got this year. I believe Norway will finish quite high, but southern European countries will prevent it from winning, because I just can’t see the former Yugoslavian countries, Spain, Italy, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia voting much for Margaret. If she ends in the Top 5, it will be at the 4th or 5th place. I however don’t see her ending lower than 8th.”)

It’s because of some specific terms or perfect predictions that I wasn’t really sure about, that I am citing these countries here ; I don’t believe citing the countries everybody (and me included) expected, a specific result for and got it, is necessary.

Finally about the worst predictions I have made in this year’s final :

Moldova (that I expected to finish lower than they did)

Finland (that ended up about ten place lower than I thought they would)

Belgium (like Moldova)

Malta (for which I would have never ever foreseen such a high results at all)

Germany (for which NOBODY would have never ever foreseen such a high results at all)

Iceland (for which I expect to get about twice the number of points they eventually got)

Azerbaijan (for which I admit it was RIDICULOUS TO DARE NOT FORESEEING A TOP 5 FINISH)

Greece (that I thought expected to finish higher than most people believed it would but not that high, if that makes sense)

Georgia (which thankfully didn’t get their best result this year with their disgusting delegation)

Ireland (that nobody really expected a last position for)

So hopefully better predictions next time, for a better quality (of songs) contest too 🙂


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