A few suggestions…

Firstable, we have to say that the Swedish Public Television honoured its reputation when it comes to organising this year’s contest.

It was on the whole very pleasant to watch, especially if we focus on what was under the control of SVT…

The musical like interval act was great and remarkable well performed, really promoting the different qualities of the real show woman that Petra Mede is, an Eurovision presenter that a very few countries would be able to provide.

Now, there has been quite a few things that went just uncontrollable to the extent that it created a lot of confusion at some point, and there SVT is much less to blame than the EBU.

It is plain to see that they really need to change some rules for next year in order to avoid the overload that the final round of the contest has become the past 3 years at least, lasting about 210 minutes ; a lot of excitement has already worn off by then and if you add results checking confusion to that, it’s just not fun anymore to watch.

So, among the elements that need to be reviewed for the future, I would mainly suggest that :

-Firstable, 26 is too many countries for a final. When we think that this year 10 out of 16 countries got a final ticket from the first semi final, that’s about 2/3 of the countries going through. The very definition of the word semi-final is not applied here.

By reducing the numbers of qualifiers to 9 in each semi final, we would end up with 23/24 countries finals; so more than a good 15 minutes saved.

=>  The question of the 6 automatic finalists may be very close to the point here but I won’t deal with it too much because it has more to do with money and overall organisation matters which need a bit more thought. I will just say that even if my country is one of them, I don’t think I am too much in favour of this system.

-The second main suggestion I would make is the following : I believe the voting line should open just before the first country to perform gets on the stage and close 5 to 10 minutes after the last competing performer has left it.  Yeah, just like in 2010, but without the number appearing at the bottom of the screen like it was shown three years ago; that was very annoying. Besides, some people are paid to provide this kind of information, they are the commentators.

-A final and much less important suggestion that could be avoided with the important amount of time saved if the first two were put in action; the results of the non-qualifying countries should be directly shown on screen with the top 3 announced by the presenter himself of herself or themselves. This would make a qualification even more of a reward for the concerned countries.

These are the first things I would work one after last night’s contest because changing the rules for the interest of one country like the EBU decided this morning, and especially for one not willing to make any effort at all, really isn’t the most needed right now, for general interest and for the contest’s sake.








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