Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (7/7)

For this final part of reviews and predictions; I am not going to say much about the awful predictions I have made in the previous article. I will wait after the final when we get all the complete results to do that.

The final taking place tonight is the subject of this final episode; I will hopefully get more stuff right this time round.

01 France

I don’t expect France to finish above the 20th position.

02 Lithuania

Same for Lithuania; that I don’t see getting a total of more than 25 points.

03 Moldova

I expect Moldova to finish around the 18th-20th positions.

04 Finland

I see Finland ending at the bottom of the left side of the scoreboard around position 12th to 15th.

05 Spain

I don’t see Spain climbing very high. I really don’t see it getting more than 50 points. So I will bet on something below the 20th position.

06 Belgium

Belgium will finish around positions 18th to 22nd.

07 Estonia

Estonia won’t end as high as it did last year. I see it ending around the 20th position, between 18th and 22nd, maybe.

08 Belarus

No amazing result for Belarus either, it’s actually all but amazing that they are in the final, and there, I don’t see this country finishing higher than the 15th position. So it will be around 16th to 20th.

09 Malta

Singles curiously cheaper than the others here…
I don’t Malta doing much better than they did last year.  I expect about the same results this year ; around the 21st place.

10 Russia

Finally one song that I would bet a lot on a Top 10 finish for. I see her ending way past the 150 points and no lower than a 7th place at worst. It will be between 3rd and 7th place.

11 Germany

Another Top 10 finish here, and even Top 5. As said before, I would see this winning much more easily than the bookies’ favourites (which, and you will notice, I haven’t talked much about)

12 Armenia

I see Armenia ending around the middle of the scoreboard, between the 12th and 17th positions.

13 The Netherlands

I see the Netherlands ending quite high. Between the 7th and the 13th something in the bottom half of the scoreboard’s left side. I will risk something like 90 to 110 points as score.

14 Romania

Here I would suggest this instrumental which really sounds amazing compared to the song itself which, I believe shouldn’t be in this final.

I expect Romania to finish more or less like Romania around the middle of the scoreboard between the 12th and the 17th positions.

15 United Kingdom

I expect pretty much the same for the UK, around the middle of the scoreboard. I don’t really see her getting over a hundred points.

16 Sweden

I see Sweden ending at an honourable bottom half of the left side of the scoreboard, barely reaching the 100 points between positions 7 and 13.

17 Hungary

I don’t see Hungary reaching the heights this year, they will pretty much end at about the same positions as they did the previous couples of years ; 20th to 26th.

18 Denmark

Top 5 finish for Denmark. More than 100 points for sure in any case.

19 Iceland

Iceland will end at the bottom half of the left side of the scoreboard around positions 8th to 13th, totting up around 100 points (80 to 120).

20 Azerbaijan

Top 10 finish for Azerbaijan is expected once again ; seeing them ending below would be very surprising…but yet I don’t think they will reach the top 5 like they did last year.

21 Greece

I think that Greece will get a better result than they did last year finishing closer to the top ten, and closer to the 100 points. (10th-13th)

22 Ukraine

Ukraine will finish in the Top 5 getting more than 150 points. I don’t really believe in them winning even if it can happen.

23 Italy

I think that Italy will finish around the same position they did last year (7th to 12th) totting up around a hundred points.

24 Norway


I would be glad to see Norway winning because its modernity would make it an even more righteous winner following Loreen and a real trend leading to deeper musical researches than the results we generally got this year. I believe Norway will finish quite high, but southern European countries will prevent it from winning, because I just can’t see the former Yugoslavian countries, Spain, Italy, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia voting much for Margaret. If she ends in the Top 5, it will be at the 4th or 5th place. I howwever don’t see her ending lower than 8th.

25 Georgia

Georgia’s participation this year is VERY disgusting ; firstable they asked last year’s winning songwriter to write their song and this week I learnt that one of the backing vocalists is no one but the contest’s producer long date boyfriend. This should come last with 0. But they won’t because these infamous people will give Georgia its best result finishing between the 5th and the 9th positions.

26 Ireland

There is an impressive discrepancy between the singer who seems to be an arrogant person and the message of the song, which then sounds quite naive. Ireland should do better then they did last year finishing between positions 10th and 15th with around 80 points.


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