Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (3/7)

Time to review another 6 songs competing in this year’s contest. The 3 last songs from the 1st semi final and the 3 first songs from the 2nd semi final.

For the prediction/expectation part of each song, you have to know that I am making comments only focused on the song itself and not in comparison to the others, explaining why you will probably find more or less (and this year surely less) than 10 song in each semi final that I predict to be in the final. If you wanna have a clearer idea of what I mean, it’s more or less an expectation on as if the song was taking part in any eurovision, not especially 2013, as if the song deserves to be in A Eurovision final or not.


Very simple and sweet ballad. The sound used to mark a certain beat/rhythm from the start of the second verses isn’t of the best choice or maybe too much audible. It is on the whole not unpleasant to listen the main problem being the lac of catch in it to stick to your mind despite its overall quality, more likely to make the juries supporting it more than the televoters.

Prediction : This song is borderline for qualification. The juries will like it more than the televoters among who I expect this to end very near the bottom. So in the end, I hardly see this qualifying but more likely to end 12-13th.


I liked this song from the 1st time I heard it back in December 2012. This 1st sentence could sound like a fan’s but I’m not a fan of this at all even though I still like the song. This case is difficult because if we only focus on the song which is what I do most of the time, we’re left with very positive feelings. But considering the lack of positive feelings Roberto has accustomed us of when it comes to sing live and the huge difference in quality there is between both, it’s when it comes to make a prediction that it will be hard. I like the song it’s catch, lively, and sounds very positive, going the opposite way of the lyrics just like last year. In a contest like 2013, I wouldn’t even be surprised to find this song near my top 10.

Prediction : In a contest like 2013, this could qualify even with a weak performance. If he fails something, the juries won’t forget to put him very low. I believe the televoters are more likely to help this song. I am not sure if it will be enough. I wanted to say that I hardly see this qualifying at first, but with the draw which isn’t a factor to forget at all, it’s even more complicated…so I will say borderline, once again, I know.


This represents an impressive fall compared to last year. But still it sounds like one of the least unbearable songs this 2013 has to propose. It’s very teeny like, in many different ways, on many different levels the most obvious one apart from its energy surely being the musical mess it sounds like. It’s not an inaudible mess at all but there’s a remarkable lack of harmony here. We have too many kinds of different sounds interlocked together ; like a search for what suits best, and identity quest. A real teenage song.

Prediction : Serbia usually does well. This will qualify finishing around the middle of the semi final top 10 (5-8), more helped by televoters than the juries. In the final, with no Zeljko around, Serbia will fall back to the 12th-15th positions they finished at in 2010 and 2011.


Jedward are possessing the body of the singer at the beginning of the video ! Amazing !

Although it sounds like something heard a thousand times, I believe – uncomfortably said – that is is one of the nicest pieces to listen this year. There is a lot of enthusiasm in it, it’s peppy. A real party hymn, nice, fun party hymn although repetitive. Iwant these guys to qualify.

Preditction : I really hope that this won’t end as low as many expect it to. I myself expect this to finish way higher than last. Qualification may be difficult and I am very tempted to risk betting that they will, and I will risk it. This is going to qualifying, very narrowly.


This is good. I feel a bit annoyed by the turn it takes for the last third of the song especially considering that it was good enough from the beginning to that point. It sounds like a musical lifting ; something useless like almost all physical liftings when they are not needed. A lifting to a finish which – once again – represent to my eyes / my ears, a step backwards a few years ago when a song like this could only hope for a good results, and in the end failing to get it. We seriously need to move on ! It’s still good on the whole.

Prediction : This will qualify, but not finishing top 5 of the second semi final. In the final, I don’t see this song ending in the top 10 but a bit lower, round 12th-15th place like Serbia.


There’s not better description for this song than the phrase schizophrenic like I heard on Swedish Television. The controversy there has been about the song change in understandable and I believe it would have been fairer to ask for people’s choice in a national final than listen to people on the internet…. This doesn’t mean that I like the first song  more , because I believe they’re more or less as good. But about the actual song that we will hear in Malmö Arena, I believe this song, despite this schizophrenic impression that it leaves, is not too bad on the whole. Both parts are nice to listen to, there is a positive energy in it. Vlatko really has a good voice and I think really should be proposed to do it again, but on its own. I would have liked more efforts to “connect”, create more harmony between the 2 parts.

Prediction : Qualification for this is less obvious than it was in 2012 but I believe they can make it. Now if I have to be certain ; I will say borderline, not very far on either side.


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