Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (2/7)

9 days left for the first semi final to start now, and we continue with another 7 song that I am reviewing in this article.

Once again, for the prediction/expectation part of each song, you have to know that I am making comments only focused on the song itself and not in comparison to the others, explaining why you will probably find more or less (and this year surely less) than 10 song in each semi final that I predict to be in the final. If you wanna have a clearer idea of what I mean, it’s more or less an expectation on as if the song was taking part in any eurovision, not especially 2013, as if the song deserves to be in A Eurovision final or not.


There is a lot of powerful energy in this song ; through almost all the ways that can provide it. Sounds (drums?), voice, powerful and strong voice of the singer, but it somehow still doesn’t feel like it’s enough for what I would literally call an overload of force and power remarkably representing the title of the song. This overload nevertheless seems to be out of control explaining why for many and even for me, this sounds very different in many aspects than almost all the other songs, overload which I believe is not playing too much for the song’s own good.

Prediction : From the moment I heard it, the first version back in December 2012, I thought that this completely had its place in a eurovision final. Once there, it will be to end on the left side of the scoreboard, bottom side I would say for in general. This year’s lever will however make it finish higher than this.


After a winning song like Euphoria, we don’t really expect to have such a song even to compete there. => This is not a brainless fan comment that I’m just making here. What I mean in the first sentence is the impressive difference there is on the mark that once can leave compared to the other. There is depth in this song, but not the kind of depth you can perceive in Euphoria. There is a special atmosphere in this song which is much more subtle and you really have to be inclined to get it to be able to fully appreciate it. It can either sound like the most beautiful hymn or the most boring thing you’ll ever hear. I find it pleasant myself to listen but it doesn’t go further for me. I wouldn’t really listen to it willingly. Probably not that inclined myself then.

Prediction : It’s going to be borderline for qualification. But it can also qualify from its semi final in the top 5. One thing is sure about this song anyway ; it must be one of the 3-4 most difficult song to foresee the outcome of this year and I believe that this is very closely related to the fact that it represents a real step forward compared to 80% of the songs this year. So in the end I will say borderline toward qualification, with more votes from the juries.


Like Ukraine, there is a lot of powerful energy in this HIP-Hop, Dubstep song. An energy which will hopefully be very well transmitted live on stage. It is very lively, and the Montenegrin language plays a lot in that  for its good. There is quality in it, a lot of positive elements with among theme these sounds and “musical youth” a vigour that makes it really zeitgeist => a great and welcome feat in a year contest like 2013.

Prediction : I really would be pleased to see this qualifying and even suggest to Montenegrin television to withdraw for a year if ever they didn’t, especially after all the efforts put in place to get to the final, and in a bad level contest like 2013. I think this song is however like Slovenia and The Netherlands, borderline when it comes to make predictions. Borderline more positive than negative.


Right fro the first notes, it’s awfully discordant. There is no direction in this song at all ; you have 3 notes going one way, then 3 notes the opposite then on the left, on the right and in the end even though you have moved, you’re in the same place as when it started but you don’t know where you are. When I think that some people have dared comparing this to Coldplay (yeah I have read it !), well, it’s a crime that they have committed. Coldplay has / is a whole universe. This guy doesn’t even have a pleasant voice to listen.

Preditcion : Bottom 3 of the first semi final. Such a shame for a country that managed such a remrkable elevation in 2011-2012 compared to their usual results. Now, we’re back to normal then.


After the unfortunately usual scandalous method of selection you can have details about here, one could have expected at least a good song from Belarus, for once. Well it unsurprisingly turns out that this song is as bad as its selection method dishonourable. Besides, I thought that Turkey wasn’t participating this year ! It really feels like the contrary with this song and even more when the time for the final results will come to see Azerbaijan extremely overrated, once again. There is nothing original in this song at all, it’s not even catchy good, it’s catchy bland and her voice isn’t pleasant to hear.

Prediction : This doesn’t have its place in a Eurovision final at all, especially that we’re way out the 2010’s now. If  this year’s level was higher/normal, this wouldn’t get more than 30 points in its semi final. My final words about it : Borderline bottom side, not qualifying.


The choice to keep it in the national language is honourable. It starts very nicely and the verses which are very well built with a lot of harmony in them which is quickly broken when comes the chorus  which are less pleasant to listen to sounding to me like a succession of rises and falls that is not very bearable. There are nice elements in this song but I’d rather have the chorus muted than have this one.

Prediction : In a fair world, this obviously does better, much better than the previous song and I bet it will. Even though it doesn’t really deserves a spot in the final much either, it will qualify, more likely to qualify than all the songs that I have used the word borderline for so far.


This is nice and really represents what we should expect from a eurovision 2013, unlike 80% of the songs this year. It is full of enthusiasm, good feelings very carefully and nicely transmitted and showed here. There is not overload at all. The build up of the song from beginning to the first chorus is great  an the kind of bitterness we can feel at the end of the chorus/song is not sounding particularly unwelcome. On the contrary, this element is an important one in making the whole song greatly representing Ireland and its past in the contest. It really deserves a lot of points (hopefully at least 100 in the final).

Prediction : Top 5 qualification in the first semi final an Top 10 in the final.


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