Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (1/7)

With less than 20 days for the 2013 edition of the world’s most famous song contest to start, I have decided to propose my personal views and predictions for every single of the 39 entries taking part this year in the hope to follow Loreen’s steps, who won last year for Sweden with Euphoria.

Through this series of 7 articles I will try to explain the best I can why I like a song or not, analysing why it could work or not in the actual contest.

For the prediction/expectation part of each song, you have to know that I am making comments only focused on the song itself and not in comparison to the others, explaining why you will probably find more or less (and this year surely less) than 10 song in each semi final that I predict to be in the final. If you wanna have a clearer idea of what I mean, it’s more or less an expectation on as if the song was taking part in any eurovision, not especially 2013, as if the song deserves to be in A Eurovision final or not.

So let’s start with the first 6 songs of the first semi-final :


I don’t like this song that I find very flat almost extremely flat ; a real shame because its effect doesn’t reflect its title at all and instead of shining it is fading even before coming to an end.

Prediction : I don’t expect this to reach the finals but won’t miss it by far (12-13).


Very nice start. I find it kinda pleasant, it’s not a bad ballad at all but compared to Kuula (Estonia’s 2012 entry, finished 6th) which is amazing and extremely simple notably because not containing real elements placing it in time, this one sounds a bit old or maybe would it be fairer to say that it is terrible not modern at all, which here isn’t a positive thing.

Prediction : This would have easily been good in a 90’s early 00’s Eurovision final. Only based on the song, I don’t think it will go through and do like I said for Austria, but if we thin about it in comparison to the other songs…


This sounds like a close to cheap copy of a random club song. The versus are more interesting to listen to than the chorus in which there is too much screaming that could have been avoided. It’s not too bad in general but the good elements in this song have not been pushed far enough to make it genuinely good.

Prediction : It’s going to be borderline for qualification. It can go either way, hit or miss but not by far.


This song is extremely beautiful. There’s a great power in it. It curiously sounds positive, at at least there’s a remarkable sense of energy, spirit in it despite the meaning of the title and from beginning to end, we feel literally taken away by these authentic Croatian sounds.

Prediction : Croatia will qualify for the final reaching TOP5 of the first semi final. Once in the final, and thanks to they juris it’s without any doubt on the left side of the scoreboard that I see them ending up.


I would curiously say about Denmark the exact same last sentence I wrote for Croatia , replacing the word “Croatian” by “Celtic”. This song is great, there’s genuine talent in it ; music, chorus, instruments, presentation, voice. You’ll also be interested in reading the article I wrote about Emmelie a few days after she won in Denmark if you’re reading this.

Prediction : This will reach the heights (in a very remarkable and deserved way) both in its semi final and in the final where if they don’t repeat the 2000’s pattern of Denmark winning in Sweden, will finish in the top 5.


Okay, this videoclip looks disturbing especially when we know how peaceful a country Russia is famous to be. But when you listen to the song away from this video, it does sound nice, even though you feel like you have heard it a thousand times.  The message is nice, it is lively, there is energy in it, quite a lot of positive elements actually. It’s very eurovisiony, it’s Celine Dion, it’s Russia doing Eurovision more than Russia (Why doing it otherwise since they won with something sounding everything but Russian anyway?)

Prediction : Most of the countries presenting a song like this wouldn’t have finished in the left side of the scoreboard in the final. But this will obviously end in the final top 10.



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