The Sound – Spring 2013 : Semi Final 1

The Sound – Spring 2013 is a presentation / competition featuring the best musical discoveries I have made over the past few months.

There will be 4 “semi-finals” in each of which 8 songs will “compete”, the top 2 songs qualifying directly to the final round, while the 2 following will get another chance to qualify for the final through the “second chance round” conceived in order to counteract the possible misfortunes of a bad draw, the songs being allocated randomly in the different semi finals.

Following the victory of 2002 with “A Dream Creation” for the 2013 Winter edition which was the first, here we go for the first semi-final The Sound – Spring 2013.

# Artist(s) Song
1 Anders Johansson Is He The One
2 Jill Johnson No Surrender
3 Dragonland Ivory Shores
4 Fionnuala Sherry Songs From Before
5 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus
6 H.E.A.T Need Her
7 Bury Tomorrow A Curse
8 Münchener Freiheit So lang Man traüme noch leben kann

You are obviously welcome to share your opinions about these songs, I will be happy to read them.


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