Unacceptable Belarus

This sounds like a pleonasm, doesn’t it ?

Well, you wouldn’t hesitate answering this question a single second, especially if you knew the country’s appalling/scandalising practices regarding their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

It wouldn’t be breaking news to say that they’re actually more famous for these than for the quality of the entries they send every year themselves, and it really isn’t a matter of opinion….

So much that it has indeed become a miracle to have them “doing it right” when/if ever it happens.

Although much less reported and criticised than the cheating in the results calculation involving  the same “artist” last year, it’s Alyona Lanskaya’s change of song that I am criticizing now, simply because it’s just not acceptable !

But just like last year, she is not the number one responsible for this shameful choice that she made, even though she “enjoyed the right to do so”. Because indeed, she had the right to do so, as stated in the Eurofest (Belarus’ national eurovision show) ” the winning artist is free to change the song if they find a more suitable alternative.”

What kind of broadcaster organise a contest with such kind of rules ?

The “artists” taking part in Eurofest all got to perform one song  each which more or less represented them and therefore had/was given by such rules a more defining power then their own names.

How can a song can wholly define, represent the abilities of a performer ? How can such a reduction can be made for people, the voters (who by the way, for many,gave their vote to a song which they expected to represent them at the Eurovision with) to fully get the entire extent of possibilities they are or aren’t offered ?

Well it’s Belarus,  as many fans have come to say nowadays, and considering the various quality records they have accustomed us with, it’s no surprise if they (especially BTRC) are unable to make this utterly subtle differentiation artist-song.

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