Kasabian : Empire

When we think about what the term “Empire” mainly refers to, it evokes a certain sense of greatness, that in all honnesty hard to feel while listening to this Kasabian album released in 2006.

In the crave for power that has often been associated to mankind and has shaped important parts of the history of humanity, the point of losing control porbably is how this album, I personally believe, would correspond to more closely when it comes to this idea of Empire and the people at their head.

Indeed, there are a lot of good ideas in this album, ideas of greatness that we can more or less easily spot but its main problem appears when it comes to their realisation, when it come to giving concrete shape / substance to it.

This way, we are provided with a lot of uneasy and clumsily arranged tracks and a lack of guiding line, a core element that would make them sound well put together notably in the opening tracks “Empire”, “Shoot The Runner”, “Last Trip (In Flight)”- in particular for its out of this world, out of the song’s world bridge – and in the closing “The Doberman” although not being that unpleasant as a whole.

However, as well as ideas, there is a lot of energy and this we can particularly feel in “Apnoea” but it’s like of control one would think actually is what’s the song all about makes us thankful for it to be the shortest track probably because being the most unbearable of the album.

The idea of managing the adaptation of powerful musical influences (that we can spot in “Me Plus One” mainly) to modernity as the album purpose may appear to be takes more successfully and efficiently shape in tracks like “Last Trip (In Flight)”, “Sun/Rise/Light/Flies”, “Stuntman” in remarkable associations of instruments from different families though still leaving a certain sense of frustration as if the ribbon of good inspiration hasn’t been fully uncoiled and if this album has one quality, it would be this one of showing some ways to take and others to avoid (especially for musicians and songwriters), but unfortunately without taking one that leads very far itself.



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