Denmark : A disguised step backwards ?

As some of you may have witnessed last saturday night, it was decided that Emmelie de Forest would be the voice of Denmark in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest this May in Malmo, performing “Only Teardrops”.

Written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, Thomas Stengaard ; I personnally believe this piece to be a nice one, at least a nice as its choice is interesting.

When I first heard it, I didn’t quite get struck by it ; for several reasons.

Compared to the other songs competing the the 2013 DMGP (Dans Melodi Grand Prix), this song sure stands out and really sounds different.

After Euphoria last year, one would naively expect the contest to take a more electro pop turn, and Denmark clearly told us that they wouldn’t contribute much to that.

So in a general and discussable mood where modernity is closely (and ironically) associated to the genre of the song that won last year, “Only Teardrops” really doesn’t fit in.

Probably because it doesn’t actually sound “modern”. Indeed with its flute intro and sounds that we can more or less hear throughout the song, suggesting (what I consider to be a better label) celtic sounds, (rather than Irish ones) it doesn’t really feel like 2013, does it ?

Moreover, and for some reasons I couldn’t so easily explain, I felt like this song could represent a country – apart from Ireland – like France – especially when we hear the fast pace of the chorus, notably through the sounds produced by the careful choice of terms, but obviously in a French version – in the 1990’s. Is it really a step backwards though ? Or is it that this song – sounding like something that could have been released before (but apparently hasn’t) – is full of characteristics that actually make it timeless?

1990’s or not, I tend to believe that it would really have had an at least as big impact in those years as it seems to have so far.

And like you have picked up then I will summarise my opinion on this fuss with one simple question : “What about Gravity?”

Of course this doesn’t mean that I am putting both songs on the same level one being obviously much more better than the other but “fans’ fervour”, that’s quite a thing….

So after all, I think that if “Only Teardrops” has good chances, it’s because of the different elements it evokes and rather than sounding one country centred, really sounds more European on its own than most Eurovision winning songs ever have over the last decade.

Besides, Emmelie de Forest seens to be really good on stage and her powerful DMGP performance itself could be very popular in the international contest. The presentation and styles choices are interesting ; a White Bloody Mary like look delivering lyrics inspiring deep sadness…doesn’t it look like the exact opposite version of something which was a huge success recently ?…

Can we thus say that the history book on the shelf really keeps repeating itself and will recreate a Sweden 1999 – Denmark 2000 pattern though ?

It really still is very early to have a clear idea but talking about history repeating itself maybe we can give some thought to this suggested theory ; after noticing that quite a few events in the contest curiously seem to be reoccurring every decade or so, let’s have a look at the years in 3 to have an idea of what this theory is saying for this year…

In 1993, Denmark finished 22/25, that’s 3 countries behind them.  They did finish 17/20 in 1983, that’s still 3 countries behind them, so basically 2 bottom 4 placings.

Denmark didn’t take part in the contest in 1993 and 2003. That’s 2 years in which they were out.

Denmark won in 1963.

As far fetched as it may sound, it’s just a theory like another and I don’t sell it as “the truth”. You can find it very ridiculous, as some Eurovision website’s winding up  theories on the running order that they try to turn into facts by patronising us with endless and useless paragraphs using figures looking very mathematical , scientific and elaborated.

“Only Teardrops” is all that we hope for Emmelie de Forest on the nights of the 14th and 18th of May, but preferably of joy, ovbiously.


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