The first 5/5

As you may have noticed in many former posts already now, I am an Eurovision fan/geek.

This pretty much means that I really enjoy spending time doing exhaustive things in relation to the European song contest that most people would brand “useless” if not worse. And among those, there is the yearly “National Finals season” that I very closely follow, marking every single   song taking part in every single country’s song selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

For the 2013 edition, the season started very early with Lithuania organising its first qualification rounds in October 2012. I obvisouly didn’t miss it – I mean didn’t fail to listen to every single song as soon as they were available, though I actually haven’t watched a single of the different shows. I might be a huge fan, but if I don’t want to be extremely mean and say I still have respect for myself, I will say that I get myself busy otherwise as you may have seen the variety of things in this blog I like to spend time on.

This process is very important for every Eurovision geek because in this very serious disease he is struck with consisting in making rankings and charts about quite a lot of things (and even more scarily not only songs sometimes), he does feel relieved by the fact that the winner aren’t always who they are – at least for him – and that’s there’s always a better solution, a better song that could make (in reality – could have made) the whole contest better.

To cut it short after this short and hopefully analysis concise analysis of what an Eurovision geek is ; I will offer my own testimony.

After many internal battles on how I should decide what song is the best in a given country ; I have decided to award every single song a mark out of 5 to make it simple and to avoid confusion with the songs making it to the actual Eurovision which I mark out of 10.

As mentioned previously I have thus started the 2013 with the Lithuania song, and the first 1/5 (the worst mark, I never give 0, I am a nice person – thought I thought a few times of 0.5) unsurprisingly came very quickly with these ;

Vincentas Linkevičius “Dance the Night”
Ugnė Smile “Call to Your Mum”

I found Lithuania’s level for this year very disappointing despite a pretty decent final level, considering what they started with, but the song they picked to represent then in the international contest in the end, really made this process important.

I will be more easily nice in my marks, never ever giving 0 as I said for I think the simple effort and/or disturbance is worth something and as a moderate person with extremely wide open – minded person when it comes to music (and for the I would advise to have a look at the diversity of albums I have written reviews on so far) sometimes it’s very hard for me to distinguish some song, and thus marks like 3/5 are extremely common. However, I actually need to be extremely  impressed to give a high mark.

It would have taken 3 months and over a hundred songs for me to let myself taken and “unblock” the 5 stars mark for some songs to access it.

And because I found this Icelandic song extremely beautiful, I thought this simple and meaningless fact really was worth and article.

Good luck Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson !

I will try to release some of my results for some countries. With Denmark’s National Final taking place tonight, hopefully the number of song reaching this coveted 5/5 mark will increase 🙂


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