01JF13 : Semi Final 1

01JF13 or 01W13 are the technical codes for something that I haven’t found an actual name yet and that pretty much is the first edition of a king of seasonal musical chart that I have prepared to do like people generally do annual top tens or such.

So basically, based on my countless musical discoveries, that I keep on doing almost permanently – because unlike most people, I have this special relationship to music, that just isn’t based on listening to the same stuff hundreds of times in a short period until reaching complete bore of it – I thought I would do a seasonal chart / musical competition like consisting of 32 songs going through some qualification rounds in several battles.

There will be 4 “semi-finals” featuring 8 songs each, the top 2 songs qualifying directly to the final round, while the 2 following will get another chance to qualify for the final through the “second chance round” conceived in order to counteract the possible misfortunes of a bad draw, the songs being allocated randomly in the different semi finals.

Here we go for the first semi-final of 01JF13 then, my personal chart of the best musical discoveries for the winter 2013.

# Artist(s) Song
01 Des’ree Righteous Night
02` Jonathan Fagerlund Father’s Lullaby
03 Jill Johnson A Woman Knows
04 The La’s Timeless Melody
05 Bebel Gilberto Tanto Tempo
06 Caracola Mango Nights
07 Owl City Dreams And Disasters
08 Fats Domino Trust In Me
02` Jonathan Fagerlund Father’s Lullaby
08 Fats Domino Trust In Me

I will reveal the results of this first round on Saturday, but in the meantime you are very welcome to share ideas and opinions as to who should qualify or not and why 🙂


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