Sigur Rós : Valtari

When you listen to Sigur Rós, it’s a whole different world, universe even, that you get dragged into , and you find yourself like immersed, but somehow still not feeling foreign to it.

In Valtari, this universe is built on very sublte elements that as a whole is very often efficient. These elements wille make you feel like sounds you would hear from a different position, as being someone/somthing else, like sometimes taking you to places where men couldn’t possibly/physically go and stay like in “Ég anda” evoking at times either  a place like purgatory/limbos either inside an engine as being one technical composant of it, offering very light sounds but always with a certain gravity at once, making this track very powerful.

Also, we sometimes tend to feel a certain spiritual elevation, like a spiritual getaway towards higher heavens and the fear of no return of not knowing what’s happening is extremely well represented like in “Varúð” (caution). These is often thus an important sensation of greatness, of sublime, like a breathtaking painting representing the highest waterfalls would make us feel.

And when it’s not awe that some pieces make us feel, some others release deep happiness, like fullness and all it’s awkwardness when the control is lost, to let it go “all over the place” like in “Rembihnútur”. Still it tends to go even further than that, where there’s no place anymore but just your spirit and one feeling, in pieces giving plenty of time to insist on these like in “Dauðalogn” which strength really resides in the fact that it doesn’t only make you feel good but also make you aware of it.

There often is a sense of accomplishment in quite a few of the tracks, which could be described as “esthetically” remarkably worked audio pieces, some with a simple piano note which turns out to be extremely efficient.

This is how Sigur Rós manages to produce amazing pieces of music, with powerful choruses and important insistence and a few string of notes not only perfectly conveying a lot of powerful feelings but emphasizing them in this album very well put together with its own and unique identity.




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