Asking Alexandria : Stand Up and Scream

In Stand Up and Scream which is their first album, Asking Alexandria offers a very special way to produce metal music, like most likely never heard before.

Firstable, we have to say that this album wears its title quite well ; the work on voices is indeed quite remarkable and it’s not only plain screams that we get to hear but screams made by an important variety of voices and tones.

In “Alerion”   and “A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta”   for example, we can hear very deep voices so much that they happen to turn into something much less human but completely shifting and producing streaks of dehumanised screams marking a real difference with the “simply sung parts” which can also be fund all over the album in sometimes curious but often efficient associations.

Indeed, for most songs throughout the album we go from the quietest to the loudest and fastest paced parts and this actually sounds somehow real, in the conveyance of stories and feelings making a more accurate reflection of life and experiences which by easing the presence of characteristic elements of the conventional structure of songs.

This way, “Hey There Mr. Brooks” starts directly into the action (in medias res as we would say for theatre) and we feel like snatched, captured in a musical hurricane, subsequently quieting a bit in a sequence that could easily be perceived as the “storm centre” before giving and eventual an completing aftershock..

Moreover, this particular vision and production of metal music proposes and interesting combination with electro music which is not to disregard at all for being overtly present in quite an important number of the tracks. Though efficient in quite a few of those, like “If You Can’t Ride Two Horses at Once…You Should Get Out of the Circus” and “A Prophecy”,  this can something be quite disturbing especially in the last track.

Stand Up and Sream sounds thus like a nice invitation, offering an important variety in sounds, as if different kinds of people from very different musical backgrounds united to produce something which in the end sounds, a bit all over the place.



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