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As much of a fan as I can be, if I had to give a reason why the Eurovision Song Contest is getting very disappointing (and trust me I am almost starting to collect them now) ; a choice like GPB made the announcement of this morning would be a great one. Georgia is going to compete with the Swedish songwriter Thomas G:son who has as many connection with this country as I do with NASA. Ridiculous comparison for a ridiculous decision which shows a total disavowal and lack of attention and faith in the Georgian local artists.

In a time when anyone can become very famous by sharing his songwriting skills by simply uploading a video on the internet, it’s like GPB found it way too hard to find a national to ask the mission to. If ever they bothered doing that, which I highly doubt.  So they went straight to the composer of the last winning Eurovision song to assign what SHOULD BE THEIR TASK. This is all but honourable.

Obviously but unfortunately most of all, it’s not the first time that such process is happening, Azerbaijan possessing a fidelity card with Sweden too, for this. So a huge and generalising masquerade over the last years, in the “Eurovision Song Contest” which mention here with the quotation marks appear as a closer appellation to what it seems to become nowadays than without. Indeed, these countries don’t compete with songs anymore, but only with “singers”; which shows beyond the disgrace, an interpretation of rules that the Eurovision Song Contest – here without the quotation marks – would not allow. How can the EBU deal with this anyway? They just don’t have time! A band name taking all the attention for being such an outrageous breach of the rules…




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