Bebel Gilberto : Tanto Tempo

In Tanto Tempo, Bebel Gilberto offers you the most pleasant trip to Brazil and more generally takes you into this whole latino atmosphere the best way.

Right from the start, it’s a very smooth and warm embrace that we perceive and get to appreciate. There often is a  strong emphasis on a very peasant voice sometimes giving  more place to piano and great associations of instruments ; all of this offering you sounds tainted with familiar elements making the access to the songs even easier for you to enjoy  its qualities even more notably in “Tanto Tempo”.

On this musical journey where we feel as warm as the cultural setting all this come from we get to actually see the songs, to picture them ; representing a great power of the album.

Indeed, in “Sem contencao”, offering a bit more rapid/fast rhythm initiating smooth moves like you still need to be attentive enough to keep on appreciating, you can also also clearly see the picture of Brazilian people dressed in white moving their feet and as cliché as it may sounds the picture is still very nice cause you actually want to join them.

Bebel’s roots are so marked in her voice that even when she sings in english, it is very noticeable, and far from being something negative, this smooth element in her voice even more prominent in “So nice”.

What’s more is the remarkable ability to offer very modern pieces aswell, like “Lonely” with a repetitive but captivating string of notes adapted to this timeless like genre.

With “Close Your Eyes”, the album couldn’t have closed on a happier note, a very lively and once again warm song which really is great to listen to in winter.



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