Errors : New Relics

Errors are a three piece “post-electro” band from GlasgowScotland.

In New Relics, the band proposes a variety of electro, or as it is commomnly called “post electro” sounds that really need a certain predisposition for a complete adhesion to happen.

Indeed, when you hear pieces like “Engine Homes”, “Gros-Bon-Ange”, “Pegasus” you really understand that these, you will never hear anywhere else apart from on the internet by making the effort yourself to hear them.

The access to such pieces is just so difficult, they sound like they’ve been made in a deep and intimate search for accurate representation and expression as very first purpose, very far from commercial and public needs factors, which however, mostly isn’t a bad thing.

Thankfully, it doesn’t go on like for the whole album and we thus get to appreciate some pieces much more like “Grangehaven”, “Hemlock”, “White Infinity” and there lies a clearer way for us to fully spot the strength and qualities of what those Scottish chaps have to offer us.

“Grangehaven” actually is very pleasant to listen with its relaxed atmosphere, like an ad hoc track. The group also shows us well how to use great influences of early electro of the 1980’s coupled with a great work on voices in  “White Infinity”, a great piece really worth the work of more mainstream names like the Pet Shop Boys.

So, in the end mitigated opinions ; you really have to have a special relationship to music in order to fully enjoy this album, however, there’s a noticeable opening/widening which is very welcome and appreciated leading to a more positive reception.



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