The La’s : The La’s

The main thing we get to appreciate in The La’s album of the same name, is the very relaxed atmosphere set right from the start and lasting towards the end or almost…

Laid back rock is what I like to qualify this pleasant album by mainly conveying positive feelings through lively sounds we can hear in “I Can’t Sleep”, “Liberty Ship”, “There She Goes”, “Doledrum” and “Feelin'”. The lyrics however not being that positive all the way “Failure” mainly insisting on problems before eventually proposing an opening in the last few lines.

We can also spot some very interesting influences, notably from the 1960’s as if they inherited from the best of this period, a  positive reverberation of the insouciance characteristic of that time. That’s how we therefore are offered this masterpiece that is “There She Goes”, so powerful, catchy and efficient that it has been covered countless times.

“IOU” proposes further good quality music notably with its great instrumental part and a work on lyrics and the title sounding like a clever game with letters/words.

The last two tracks nevertheless make a change/break with what preceded for sounding more serious with a heavy tone and repeating background sounds evoking unease, the last track representing this even more, closing this album after a heavy speeding build up leading to an insane end ; after so many positive and laid-back like rock tracks, this ending almost sound like the explosion of the insecure kept hidden so well until then.



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