Gravity ? Well the score was high enough…

A lot of noise on the forthcoming Eurovision 2013 contest Ukrainian entry has been made following Zlata Ognevich’s victory in the national selection, on 23rd December 2012.

What is interesting, what am I saying, eye-popping in this competition are the results this Zlata got from the televotes, as this table shows :

Учасник Назва пісні Результати голосування
Кількість SMS Бали
6 Злата Огнєвіч Gravity 8638 20
14 Даша Медова Don’t Wanna Be Alone 905 18
17 Едуард Романюта Get real with my heart 1847 19
10 Тетяна Ширко Feeling Like A Sir 365 15
2 Марія Яремчук Imagine 260 14
13 Аліна Гросу Let Go 387 16
4 Дмитро Яремчук Мама 533 17
9 RealIvanna You gave me everything 247 13
19 Група “ДиО.фильмы” Медляк 141 9
7 Дует “Emotion” Saviour 162 10
15 Лєна Корнєєва You’ll be the winner forever 240 12
8 Народний колектив “Гвоздівчанка” Налетіли гусенята 208 11
5 Інеш Я делаю шаг 133 8
12 Ана Стесія Dare To Change Your Life 127 7
3 Марієтта Wonder 87 5
11 Группа “ТриНіті” Белым по белому 108 6
20 Дмитро Скалозубов Давно 49 2
16 АнгеліЯ Love Is Life 81 4
18 Матвей Вермієнко Открывай меня 70 3
1 Оксана Пекун і Максим Новицький Зелений дубочок 23 0

Now, can we say the same about the quality of the song ?19 songs were in the end in competition and then entry “Gravity” not only won the contest getting full marks from the jury and audience voting but scored more than all the other votes from the public the 18 other songs got altogether. Impressive.

Well firstable, even though I have to admit that I don’t question these results, since Ukraine really has made efforts lately towards more fairness and transparency in its proceeding not only about a relatively simple event like this but also in other fields like some other countries still should really learn, I really don’t believe this landslide victory was this much deserved.

Indeed, I believe that “Gravity” and I might be one of the very few to say this wasn’t that obvious of a winner. Of course, it was, let’s still be fair, among the 3 best songs on offer and while still have Zlata winning I think it would have been much more interesting to have closer results notably with

Тетяна Ширко Feeling Like A Sir

which is a very nice, cute and catchy song that Ukraine would never have sent to the contest anyway especially considering their Eurovision history : Ukraine never sends cute entries.

So in the end, and although among the six entries chosen for Malmö so far “Gravity” is for sure part of the best 1/3, let’s not get ourselves carried away by a song which does sound so, quite a few people rightly qualifying it “all over the place”. If I was a huge fan I would defend it by saying that gravity itself is all over the place, but since I am not, I would more say that this song carries its title quite literally in the sense that you can still avoid gravity but jumping and getting on something that will lift you very high, and these, I believe are the bits that needs to be rewritten and reworked on the song in order to fully reach its potential because so far, and no matter how many votes Zlata got in her own country, I highly doubt this entry will defy what is its own title.


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