Django Django : Django Django

Django Django is a British rock group based in London.

In the eponym album released in 2012, the band offers a new way to compose music to the point that one could wonder if it’s not an entirely new genre or sub-genre they seem to propose.

Indeed, while listening to this album, I happened to write quite a few times tags like “electro unique” or “different” for an important number of tracks.

It sounds disconcerting, but give you this feeling you get when you hear something you are sure you have never heard something alike before and then becomes extremely popular for being actually as nice as it sounds disconcerting at first hand. It does sound fresh and modern in many of the tracks ; “Default” being the first one to come to my mind.

For “Firewater” I think I will put it as it came to my mind and also to illustrate what I just wrote : “there is a curious combination of guitar/clapping sound and tambourine that somehow is very efficient ; this song, notably with the final reprise of the chorus, really has something”.

Their voice can also be quite prominent in some other tracks like “Waveforms”, “WOR” and “Silver Rays” and they really play a great part in making the songs really catchy.

Apart from the very fully modern songs/sounds this album proposes, we have to say that one of it’s biggest strengths is the truly amazing adaptation and modernisations of influences and old sounds like the Beach Boys’ influence in “Life’s A Beach” (and no there’s not lousy game with words in this title) and in “Skies Over Cairo”, a track you MUST listen to at least once for it is really powerful, reflecting perfectly the greatness of Egyptian civilisation, history and mythology, on a modern mirror.





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