Loreen : Heal

Following the huge and we have to say greatly deserved success of Euphoria in 2012, we can’t help but expect much from the album Heal this hit is among the track list of.

Well, there are two ways in this album ; you actually are satisfied in a certain way and disappointed in another. Explanations to follow…

Loreen’s universe is a very unique place and she clearly has an unique perception on life, love and people which in the end through the different songs, seems to be quite simple.

Just look at Euphoria’s videoclip. The aesthetics and presentation of this clip couldn’t be any simpler, emphasizing thus on the fact that happiness and euphoria  is based on futile things that people have to know how to perceive to get the feeling. And that’s pretty much how the whole spirit of this album is like.

Heal is very positive in the sense that it’s extremely well put together in representing this world / this specific atmosphere that is Loreen’s. It is very intimate and the great work on lyrics plays a lot in this.

It is however disappointing in the sense that it greatly lacks positive feelings like Euphoria is an explosion of and although Loreen is behind the writing of most of the songs herself, in the afore mentioned track  , it’s like Thomas G:son and Peter Boström have been able to see through the interpreter and understand her better than herself and provide great quality and catch which really lacks for many of the other songs in this album.

Crying Out Your Name“, “Sober“, “If She’s the One” and “See You Again” still need to be mentioned as the other highlights of the album for offering good music and lyrics, emphasizing on her unique and powerful voice aswell, “See You Again” being probably the best track Loreen has been part of the writing team for, providing nice vibes, rhythm and a lot of energy making it very powerful and catchy.



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