Owl City : The Midsummer Station

In this latest release, Adam Young seems to have made a lot of efforts. But unfortunately to go towards a wrong direction.  This album is marking Owl City’s first album worked with different songwriters and producers, and hopefully the last one. Because for many songs indeed, it doesn’t sound like there has been partnerships but a surrender of the principal artist to the benefits of the other artists he worked with.

We are thus not recognising Owl City anymore there, in most of the tracks. One of the main reason being this apparent desperate need and unsuccessful efforts to make club hits. (seriously???)

It’s disconcerting, abashing and these attempts mainly sound like pale copies of actual club hits.

In The Midsummer Station, we are very far from the utterly poetic lyrics and the most beautiful, heavenly electro sounds Adam Young has accustomed us to and it’s deeply disappointing especially for a fan.

On his blog, Young defended his choice for the new sound of the extended play and the album, stating that he believes “it’s a bummer for an artist of any kind to hear, ‘Yeah it’s great but it’s a lot like your previous work.’ (…) Creativity is all about pushing boundaries and pressing onward”, problem being that this album doesn’t sound like boundaries pushing at all, but actually more like having his own boundaries pushed by others…

Tracks like “Dreams and Disasters”, “Embers”, “Silhouette”, “Metropolis” however represent exceptions for sounding more like a proper example fitting to his definition of pushing boundaries.

“Silhouette” being one piece in which nice lyrics and their importance like it’s lacking in this album are proofed to be still there somewhere well buried. “Metropolis” being a real Owl City sounding song that we can recognise for its great overall quality.

These are the positive notes I wanted to make about this album which otherwise is an excellent proof of what happens in music unfortunately ; the collaborations that shouldn’t happen after some people have noticed how successful you can be by being yourself. Adam Young sounds like he’s been absorbed by the others, by the general mainstream low quality club “music” and we have lost him.

The Midsummer Station sounds like a midsummer holiday Adam Young shouldn’t have recorded.



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