Spirit : Twelve Dreams Of Dr.Sardonicus

If there is am album that stands out from all the albums I have listened to so far, this is it !

I have never listened to something so unique, this album really is special ; in a good way ? I am not so sure. But it is different.

If you are used to listen to pieces which takes you by the hand and make you follow a specific path, from the first moment until the last, then don’t count on this album to find that.

In Twelve Dreams Of Dr.Sardonicus, music is free, unfettered by many rules and most of all used to represent a certain state and time which wasn’t the happiest especially for the band as I got to learn after listening to the album (many because caused by internal disagreements, as it rarely happens)

I would qualify quite a few of the tracks on this album as musical messes without direction especially for the first ones. Indeed as the lyrics say in “Nature’s way” : “there’s something wrong”.

Interestingly enough, though the sounds are disconcerting, disturbing, I have to say that in this intimate world apart, I actually didn’t get as lost as I thought I did especially after checking that the 4th track that I listened (not really checking the song titles before listening but only before typing the reviews as I usually do) and that I tagged “other planet” is actually titled “Space Child”….I like to believe that my personal perception of things is not quite like theirs, as my attitude towards some illicit substances, I would add to that, and that we can clearly hear in this album too..

However, let us not forget the title’s album, which can help us understand better all these explosions of subconscious elements that are tamed as we go along, and after a good half, we eventually get to hear more “accessible” pieces like “When I Touch You”, “Life Has Just Begun” and “Morning Will Come” which powerful and amazing intro sounds like a real classic.

In the end, and although this album really needs efforts of attention it is very important to emphasize that it is a very strong piece of work in the sense that it manages to perfectly convey the feelings of the band and context at the time of production, constantly breaking what was trying to settle and although it’s not really what I usually listen to, I would strongly advise to listen to it, because it could reveal much more about yourself than you think. Basically t he expression of subconscious elements directly speaking to your subconscious self.



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