Vlatko & Esma for FYR Macedonia

The least we can say about this announcement made 2 days ago is that it’s quite an interesting choice from MKTV.

I discovered Esma Redzepova in the autumn 2008 through one of my several personal musical discoveries (that my curious quality makes me do sometimes) and notably  through Zapej Makedonijo, a great song in which you get to learn a bit about the geography of FYR Macedonia 🙂

The first question I asked myself when I heard this decision was “What is she going to do there?”. But it actually happens often for quite a lot of people to think that and even myself as a fan to reduce the contest as “there”.

To be honnest, I thought about her age and how she could exert a certain appeal in a song contest where modern sounds (naturally) tend to be more successful. But then I thought about Italy’s 2011 entry or even Serbia’s 2012 one who aren’t explosions of youth and modernity but explosions of talents rightly rewarded.

So I believe that this choice – especially that she’s going to compete as part of a duo with Vlatko Lozanoski – Lozano that I know much less about but am eager to discover – is very interesting in the end ; Esma is a great person, humanely and artistically and apart from points like age and modernity, the impressive and long career she’s led and still is leading can appear as maybe too big for Eurovision.

But there lies the main interest of this choice that I, in the end, greatly recognise. Because indeed, with all the negative vibes the contest  may send lately, I tend to believe, or at least really hope that Esma will be one of the positive elements that will remind what the contest should primarily be ; an union and cultural representation of peoples through music, not a financial one.


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