Stone Sour : House of Gold & Bones – Part 1

When you make researches about Stone Sour like I did before listening to their latest release, you come across terms like “metal” and “post-grunge” which are not really mainstream kinds for not being pleasant to the general public’s ear. But then, you listen to album and the first thing you notice is that it’s not quite what you expected, in the good way ; especially if you’re not really a fan of the kinds aforementioned.

From the very first track, you get to discover that there is “soft metal” if this actually is metal, and it is quite appealing ! Some important elements that I still don’t like about metal as people perceive it are still quite present in this album however, like the like of melody/harmony in “Gone Sovereign”.

Most of the tracks are nevertheless made more reachable to a larger public, and we can thus relate to some of them more easily to others. There is am important and remarkable work on the very well written lyrics that appear as a core element in the majority of the songs ; “Absolute Zero”  , “A Rumor of Skin”, “Tired”, “My Name Is Allen”, “Taciturn”  and “Last of the Real”.

What’s more, many of the sons feature amazing solo guitar pieces, notably “A Rumor of Skin” that I consider as one of the best tracks together with “RU486” which power resides in the way it musically builds up exactly corresponding and reflecting that the lyrics say “I can’t stay the same” marking a rising point in the song.

The overall product is thus finely put altogether and the feelings and messages that this album wants to convey don’t struggle coming through at all.



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