Something in Lithuania…

…that people don’t seem to be able to do is pick a good song.

Thankfully, it wasn’t the case with Donny Montell who really appears like, especially with the choice they made in 2013, an exception to the rule. An exception to the unimpressive list of Lithunian candidates – entries for Eurovision, considering both results in the contest and actual quality of the songs (because yeah, believe it or not there’s a difference, as long as music isn’t as strict as sciences).

So, among the 38 songs that initially took part in the „Eurovizijos“ dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka, 7 managed to make it to the final one way or another and though the public had made quite a few interesting choices over the several week this process went on, it looks like the trend couldn’t last any longer.

The obvious winner of this competition (at least from a personal point a view) was the great duo Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep with their amazing “War In The Wardrobe” which power is built in something as simple as its sounds characterised by modernity and freshness, the lack of clarity and absudity of the lyrics bringing a perfectly measured mysterious touch that could have offered Lithuania a great result, probably the best in years ?

Indeed, freshness and modernity, coupled with originality and obviously a bit a talent usually is a great combination for doing well in the Eurovision, especially for a country like Lithuania that is not Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey…Do you remember “Euphoria” being compared to anything heard before ? If there is a great quality that “War In The Wardrobe” could share with the last Eurovision winning song, among both their numerous qualities, it’s this.

But you said modernity ?! Oh my god, CRIME ! Don’t use such foolish terms about Lithuania ! Don’t forget that they sent “C’est ma vie” in 2011 ! Which was a surprising success (qualifying for the final, with an amazing score) only based on the juries who recognised the singer’s powerful voice.

So now, instead of Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep, they send Andrius Pojavis for he made the perfect choices to fit with his country’s public opinions on what will work at Eurovision, but unfortunately, the public’s opinions on music are not what Lithuania is most famous for, or at least not in a positive way, if ever it was…


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