Jonathan Fagerlund : Flying

This is the most teenage – friendy / teenage – like / teenage album I have probably heard this year and you don’t really need much to spot that ; the lyrics obviously weren’t written by a Nobel Prize for Literature.

To that you add the voice of a young boy whose puberty process has not been completed yet or at least we hope that and you get Jonathan Fagerlund’s album Flying.

Although the first sentences of this review may sound like bad presages, I have to admit that I quite liked it in general especially for the music that Jonathan (yeah let’s call the chap by his first name) surely hasn’t composed or played himself. It sounds like nice pop music that I usually like to listen to. The merits that I would award would thus go more to the people behind the music, that is to say the composers than to Jonathan himself, especially if they are different people than the ones who “worked” on the lyrics.

“You are a perfect ten” in “Suzie Is The Girl Of Mine” for example, illustrates very well my point, the title of the song itself doing quite a bit of the job. Oddly enough, this appearing as track number 2 on the version I got is not appearing anywhere else online. A special treatment I seem to have been offered, I am not sure if I should be thankful about it though.

So in the end, as a positive and optimist person, I will keep the best of this album ; that is to say the catchy proprieties of the music like in “Love Revolution” and the very beautiful closing track “Father’s Lullaby”, which also is the best track of this album.




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