The Everly Brothers : A Date With The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers are real brothers who had been on the scene and releasing albums from the 1950’s through to the 1980’s.  A Date With The Everly Brothers is their 4th album, out in 1960, and although it was released 4 years after their first one, we could have already told by listening to it that their career would last that long.

Indeed, when you listen to pieces like “Made to Love”  , “That’s Just Too Much”, “Always It’s You”, “Lucille” and “A Change of Heart”, you find yourself completely charmed and taken by the sweetness in the sounds of the music which are perfectly associated to beautiful and meaningful lyrics.

However, there isn’t a single moment where you feel an overload of positive feelings nor a time when it sounds untrue ; because one of the core elements of this album is it’s simplicity ! That’s where the power of this album resides ; the stories, the lyrics, a cautious choice of words that go so well together with the music that we really understand why this genre “Rock, close harmony” has been so popular and so adapted and adopted at the time. It is effective. And when the lyrics tell you a negative story, it still is effective.

Some of the tracks will want to make you dance like “Baby What You Want Me to Do” , and when they don’t some other tracks demonstrate that this album isn’t only about sweet lyrics on pleasant music but also about very good singers whose talent can be noticed in “Lucille” and “Donna, Donna” .

So in the end a very nice album that I would strongly advise if you want to spend a nice time.



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