Tom Dice – Teardrops

If there is something striking about Teardrops, it’s firstable the great mark that Tom Dice has managed to leave on this first album in order to make it a real personal way to represent himself, way beyond just being an album.

Indeed, when we get to find the different persons who contributed to the tracks which I did myself after listening to the whole album, I wasn’t surprised to find out that Tom himself has been involved one way or another (apart from being the singer) in every single track of it, even being the writer of no less than 10 of the 13.

Although this is very remarkable and less common in general in terms of production, the personal dimension which is something he managed to do quite well somehow emerges in few tracks, unfortunately, by the flaws that can appear on a first album of someone who’s been taking part in a talent revealing television competition.

This way, we have quite a few interesting attempts and ideas which results are not quite as effective notably for “A Soldier for His Country” about war and which tries to convey some emotions through an abusive and clumsy use of sound effects of soldiers fighting and screaming to death, the lyrics appearing though containing strong terms not being conveyed in a convincing tone.

Also, there is another couple of tracks in which we can find a lack of harmony between music and lyrics at some specific points which is a bit prejudicial for the concerned pieces which turn out to be very good as a whole.

Despite being filled with anger and sorrow, this album is pleasant to listen to for most of the tracks which still manage to convey feelings and messages especially in “Me And My Guitar”  and “Lucy“, the first on being a masterpiece we really understand the great success it had all over Europe when released.

Finally, a special distinction for the great variety of instruments used and perfectly well associated with the prominent guitar in this album , just to say it’s not only him and his guitar, but also him and his nice compositions for a first album.



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