Albania : a reflection on reflection

It was decided yesterday that Albania will be represented in the 2013 Eurovision by Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with the song Identitet.

This country seems to have much more in common with Lithuania than you might think ! Especially when it comes to views upon public and modern society representation…

I personally believe that among the 17 songs we had the final of the Festivali i Këngës this yearthere was no less than a good half of these that could have been better choices than the actual winner, for 7 people.

Indeed, 7 is the number of people who got to decide the outcome of this song contest. That’s an important point to question!

After 100 years of independence and 50 years of Festivali i Këngës, why shouldn’t the public start to be given at least the slightest say in it ?

How can 7 people alone no matter who they are can decide for a whole country what should be the best musical and cultural representation when we know that none of these persons had been appointed by the public itself ?

The record of Albania in the Eurovision is very irregular, unlike the results of this year’s jury who gave for 5 of them 12 points to the same song. That is a bit striking isn’t it ? Especially with the important range of different styles that were on offer this year…

I certainly am not writing this post to attack the juries because of a simple disagreement over the song picked given all the elements there is to know, is Albania doing good by choosing a song which is supposed to seriously compete in an European song contest – which is every year trying to reflect its time by its rules -through  a national contest where a restricted number of people get to decide the best orchestrated song ?



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