The shame of Eurovision websites

For all of you fans who are used to visit Eurovision websites, you will know straight away which site I am talking about…

Initially famous for being a long time the counterpart to (not  doing as great as they used to anymore themselves neither) for provinding serious news about the song contest ; this is what we can find among today’s published article :

The story merged up days ago on Twitter but it was post that made us curious – and you all know how we love juicy stories. San Marino is gearing up the 2013 preparations in the usual way: do you have the money? then we send you to Eurovision Song Contest. It seems that there is a small chance to Valentina Monetta back in the contest and it also seems that there will be no end of the world on December 21 but next May unfortunately for some of us.

This time Ralph Siegel is willing to go back to Eurovision and pay to send New Jack with Valentina Monetta? Some people need therapy especially when they know the obvious: She stands no chance (again). Her song last year was proven to be the joke of the contest especially after a hilarious stage presentation. San Marino was suppose to be another Italian alike country promoting the big Italian culture of music but instead they only submitting crap (with few exceptions).

Therefore sometimes I don’t know if I have to laugh or cry with such info”

Does the real information providing still have the effect it should have in such a shame of what I wouldn’t even call an article ? Do I need to add a few other questions ?

Well, it’s been a while now that this website has been plunging, they may be thinking that they are talking about the most famous song contest, but they could be winners in the most scandalous articles one.

SHAME, yes, in capital letter and maybe even pity comes to mind when you see what a website which claims and is proud to have been online for over ten years has come to be.

Ruled by Greek fans as its title suggests, it seems that learning respect and decency has become a more important issue for some of them than the ones we know the Greek population is facing in general…

To end on a positive note, if there is a great Eurovision website I would strongly advise nowadays, it really would this this one because their work really represent what a good Eurovision dedicated website is, and they really can be proud of that.



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