Not out of solutions but out of good will

Following the numerous propositions of help BHRT, the Bosnian public broadcaster received for Eurovision after declaring that they wouldn’t be sending anyone to Sweden in May, here are their reactions :

“This right can not be passed on to anyone else. Just as the National Football Association are the only ones who can send a BIH team to European and World Cups, BHRT are the only ones who can select and send an entry for Eurovision.”

“The artists have to be accomodated in one of the official hotels of Eurovision, and that is a system everyone has to respect. The rules of the EBU are that they allocate official hotels for the delegations, fans and journalists, and those are the only hotels you can stay in.”

“Eurovision is an institution. If we are not able to go this year, let’s start preparing ourselves already in spring. I’m up for promoting our country in every possible way, but if we are unable to do so the way we know and the way we can, it is better to withdraw for a year.”

By declaring “This right can not be passed on to anyone else.” , it’s especially the right to make ridiculous statements that they are expressing…

Furthermore, all the following about accommodation is  wrong not to say derisory ; because when the people and broadcasters proposed them to help by helping the coast, I don’t know why they would especially had been willing to pay everything as long as it’s not “officials hotels of Eurovision”.

“I’m up for promoting our country in every possible way”,  and the following is just a lie. The Bosnian Head of Delegation, Mrs. Lejla A. Babović who made this statement seems to be more up for promoting  BHRT than her country, as it clearly seems…that’s why she is probably much more to blame considering her responsibilities then the others…

So, by making statements they surely must consider like acceptable explanations , BHRT is proving how open-minded a broadcaster they are to offer solutions to the priority of having the country represented in the musical event that is Eurovision, because as you may have noticed in the past, it’s under Bosnia & Herzegovina that they are competing, not under BHRT, is it ?

=> What about Belgium and Switzerland ?

Has BHRT ever heard the term “sharing” ?

Because that’s what Eurovision also is about and if they’re not willing to do that but actually even worse, since they’d be more willing to clearly prevent artists from sharing their works, then they’d rather go forever because this kind of behaviour really appears like a disavowal of a public broadcaster towards its population and a complete shame of a way to react to the biggest offers a public broadcaster could ever dream of, especially in theses times.


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