Deep Purple : Rapture of the Deep

The album opens quite oddly ; for over a minute we can hear an intro which point we can’t really get especially that it doesn’t correspond to the actual song from the awaited  moment it eventually starts.

Featuring very nice guitar pieces, the first track nevertheless appears to be quite flat.

Girl like that (#2) offers us a bit more rhythmic sounds ; but they unfortunately don’t really fit with the lyrics in what sound as overly jerky verses.

Although there are a few nice sequences in the following , this album doesn’t really manage to fully satisfy until the 6th track, ironically called “Don’t let go”, which personally is the real take off as well as the best song. Indeed, a very good and pleasant rhythm is finally set there to last until the last couple of songs especially Junkyard Blues which provides us with amazing guitar masterpieces.

Before time began, however takes us back down again, meeting as a circular pattern the dispointing standard of the first half of this album.

In the end and through my review I think what struck me the most is the “dead power of classical rock” which for a lot of people nowadays might sound a bit dull, which isn’t the effect this kind of music had at all at its first steps. It isn’t so much of a bad album, I just wish there were more efficient and catchy songs like “Don’t Let Go”, “Back to Back”, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”, and “Junkyard Blues”.



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