Rita Guerra – Luar

Rita Guerra is a Portuguese singer born in 1967. Luar, released two years ago, is her 5th studio album.

A couple of small sparks standing out in what is not so much of a good album…

The tone of Luar is set right from the first track proving thus efficiency in conveying a very relaxing atmosphere ; we enjoy quite a fresh start which nevertheless is reflective of the album in the sense that  there’s isn’t apart from this, anything extraordinary on offer. Indeed, when the songs don’t sound literally boring or don’t manage to keep your attention focused ; like it’s the case for “louca por ti”, “feliz (no momento)”, “só quando já for tarde demais”, “no outro lado da lua”, “olha para mim” and “mal menor (no meu luar)” representing thus half of the album, the few “good” and enjoyable pieces are for many of them ones that you feel like you’ve heard them before, which is not that negative of an opinion in this case.

Some tracks are pretty much unpleasant combination of sounds that don’t fit together at all especially from the verse to the chorus and this probably is the worst we hear in specifically in “louca por ti” an “olha para mim”; a real put off for this album which finally ends with a more valuable piece that still manages to take you like the few non unpleasant songs on holidays either to Portugal or Brazil.



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