Out of solutions? NEVER!

Lots of interesting pieces of news broke since yesterday when BHRT, the national Bosnian broadcaster announced that the Balkan country wasn’t going to Malmö for financial reasons in May. Among these; we learnt that RTRS, the broadcaster for the Serbian population of Bosnia proposed to take over, even announcing that if it was allowed, the band Alexandria would be representing Bosnia & Herzegovina in the contest. Face TV, yet another broadcaster, and in this short period of time, which is important to notice, also made an offer; organising a national selection featuring about two dozen songs declaring that they are ready to finance the whole package national selection and participation fee.  The last offer came from the band Zoster who say they are ready to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina, and pay everything themselves, stating that a solution could still be found regarding the participation fee.

Following all this, I personally believe that it would be really stupid from BHRT to stick to their first decision as a final one.  All this propositions prove the AMAZING interest there is in the contest in this country and if Marcel Bezençon, the man who had the initial idea for the contest was still alive to see how it has evolved, this piece of news would probably be one of the VERY FEW that would make him feel proud today. Lots of discussions and reflexions should at least take place before choosing a final decision that would really be the best.

Now, the proposition of a national final appears to be, for music and culture lover like me the best one because this would be, like it is for many national finals through Europe every year a great platform for many artists who really deserve to be heard and to get some attention, much more than nowadays main commercial artists.


3 thoughts on “Out of solutions? NEVER!

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